About Me

I am Urtzi Alfaro, and I appreciate your visit to my profile.

I am a dedicated catalyst for transformation, a practitioner of innovation, a strategic architect, and a visionary thinker in the realm of advanced technology. My mission is to foster sustainable business and societal impact on a global scale. With over a decade of international experience in propelling innovation, customer-centricity, and organizational agility, I adopt a holistic approach to solving complex business challenges, viewing them as opportunities to experiment and craft valuable, enduring solutions.

My enthusiasm lies in the fusion of emerging possibilities driven by human creativity with cutting-edge technology and other resources to create valuable solutions. This journey has led me to engage in strategic planning, leadership, coaching, and the growth of agile products. I've conceptualized, built, and tested a multitude of products, prototypes, and solutions. I have spearheaded numerous initiatives where I meticulously strategized and executed them, drawing upon my diverse expertise and skill sets, which span corporate innovation, product development, business and operating model design for large enterprises, agile transformation and coaching, and business excellence.

Brought up in a multicultural environment and multilingual from an early age, I thrive in international, multidisciplinary projects where I unite people and organizations in unconventional partnerships that yield mutually enriching experiences. Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of living in and visiting numerous countries, a few of which I consider my home.

Endlessly inquisitive, analytical, and creative, I possess the ability to absorb new situations and identify patterns, allowing me to adapt and tailor my problem-solving approach for each unique case.

The work I engage in with corporations, entrepreneurs, and business owners empowers them to drive product innovation, market expansion, digital transformation, and entrepreneurial capabilities on a large scale. These collaborations have led to high-impact propositions across various industries. Whether collaborating with large corporations or early/late-stage startups, I have led and coached multicultural, cross-geographical teams, facilitated Agile workshops, co-developed numerous product and venture proposals, and influenced top executives, corporate leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs to devise and execute initiatives that deliver substantial value, spanning products, ventures, and transformative endeavors across Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, and the Asia Pacific region.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an ardent globetrotter, a keen photographer, and a dedicated storyteller. My passions extend to geopolitics, strategy, technology, and the global economy.

I relish the opportunity to connect with new individuals, share positive vibes, and explore possibilities for collaboration. Please feel free to reach out to discuss industry trends, share insights, or simply exchange ideas.

Current Location: Madrid, Spain. Formerly based in Cambridge, UK & Lausanne, Switzerland.